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Traditional Voicemail

While many devices now have a visual voicemail option, allowing you to easily scroll through messages and listen to them in any order, you still have access to traditional voicemail via your Bluegrass Cellular phone.

How To Navigate Traditional Voicemail

To navigate your traditional Bluegrass Cellular voicemail, begin by holding down 1 on your phone. You'll be prompted to enter your password. If you don't know your password, or haven't set it up, please contact a customer service representative.

Once you've entered your password, use the following instructions to move around your mailbox.

Press 1: Play Message

  1. Replay message
  2. Pause message at any time during playback
  3. Fast forward message
  4. Replay message delivery time
  5. Copy message to another person
  6. Delete message and go to the next
  7. Save message and go to the next
  8. Go to previous message
    # Keep this message as new and go to the next
    * Return to previous menu

Press 2: Record Message

Press 3: Change Greeting

  1. Record

   * Return to previous menu

Press 4: Access Personal Option

  1. Access group list
  2. Modify personal preferences   
    a. Change voicemail password.
    b. Playback preference.
          i. Change order of messages
         ii. Disable playing of caller ID before messages
        iii. Disable playing of timestamp for messages
        iv. Enable playing of call number before messages
            * Return to previous menu
    c. Access recorded name.
       * Return to previous menu
  3. Change availability status
    a. Busy
    b. Out of the office
        * Return to previous menu
  4. Restrict sending of caller ID
  5. Enable least menu option
    a. Access group list
    b. Modify personal preferences
        i. Change voicemail password
           *Return to previous menu
    c. Change availability status
    d. Enable full menu option
  6. * Return to previous menu