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Monitoring Your Kid’s Phone

Know what your kids are doing on their smartphones.

Screen Time and Family Link

Kids are notorious for finding and doing things they probably shouldn’t be doing. It’s part of the learning and growing experience. As parents, we work to protect them from the things they could stumble into and cause harm. Gain some peace of mind when it comes to their smartphones. You can keep track of and know what your kids are doing their smartphones with Screen Time (for iOS devices) and Family Link (for Android devices).

Both Screen Time and Family Link offer a range of functionalities for parents to monitor their kids' devices and set restrictions as needed.


iOS Screen Time

Google Family Link

View Usage Reporting

Yes Yes

Set Downtime Schedule

Yes Yes

Set Time Limits for Apps

Yes Yes

Set Communication Limits

Yes No

Set Always Allowed Apps/ Hide Unapproved Apps

Yes Yes

Set Content and Privacy Restrictions

Yes No

Parent Approval for App Purchase/Download

Yes Yes

Show Teacher Recommended Apps

Yes (via the App Store) Yes

Lock Their Device

Yes (via the Find My app) Yes

See Where They Are

Yes (via the Find My app) Yes

Share Apps/Music/Videos/Purchases

Yes (via Family Sharing) Yes (via Google Families)

Note: Screen Time works only within an iOS environment, so your entire family would need to be using Apple devices. However, Family Link works within an Android environment and has an available app for parents with iOS devices. So, parents using iPhone have the ability to set restrictions for kids on Android devices.

Set Up Phone Monitoring

With both Screen Time and Family Link, you’ll need to set up your family’s phones as parent/children to be able to monitor your kids' phones. Learn more by following these links.

Know Where Your Kids Are At

As kids get older they become more independent. They, and you, are constantly on the go, and keeping track of their location all the time can be exhausting. Make it easier to keep tabs on your kid's whereabouts with these tips.