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Tracking Your Kid's Location

As a parent, knowing where your kids are at and being able to check-in to ensure their well-being at any time brings a huge sigh of relief. And, with today’s technology, keeping track of your kids’ whereabouts is easier than ever.

Tips for Keeping Tabs on Your Kids

Keeping you connected to those you love is what we do best. Helping you keep your loved ones safe is a huge bonus. Parents, here are some tips for keeping track of your kids so you know they are safe when they are out on their own.

Set Expectations

Set expectations for communication - like having them text you when they arrive at a destination, letting you know how long they plan to be there and who they may be with.

Video Chat

Instead of audio calling, try a video chat. This allows you some face-to-face time with your child while also giving you better insight into their well-being and location.

Safe Driving

Teens driving can make parents a nervous wreck. Luckily, there are apps that can help keep them from getting distracted while also letting parents know how safe they are being while behind the wheel.

GPS Tracking

All smartphones natively employ GPS tracking. Various apps allow parents to use this functionality to keep tabs on their kids' locations.

Initializing GPS Tracking

Both iOS and Android devices allow family setup of devices so that you can track your kid’s location. Visit these links to learn more and get set up.


Life360 is an app for iOS and Android that allows for more advanced location and driving safety services. With tiered, monthly subscriptions, you can manage notifications for things like when family members leave and return from home or work, track safe driving habits and get directions quickly to any of their locations.