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Make Organizing Your Family's Calendar Easy

Your family is always on the go, and everyone’s schedules can get a little crazy. Make managing it easier with these helpful apps.

Take Your Family Planner Digital

The kids have band practice, soccer games, and birthday parties, while mom has a dentist appointment, parent-teacher conferences, and a friend in town she’s trying to find some time to catch up with. Dad is out of town on business for a couple of days and who knows what’s for dinner in a couple of hours. Life is busy. Luckily, technology can make it easy to organize family schedules (so mom doesn’t forget she also has snack duty on Thursday). Manage calendars, make to-do and grocery lists, plan dinner, and share moments and messages with your family through a variety of helpful apps.

Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer app allows families to create and share calendars, create tasks and chore lists (and assign to family members as necessary), create meal plans, save recipes, add items to your grocery list and keep a journal of memories. All in one place. 

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The app concentrates on calendars and lists with reminders. Keep everyone on the same page by sharing lists and assigning tasks with due dates. Monitor progress and check in with others via chat. It's basically a project management app for your family.

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The OurHome app focuses on tasks and chore lists. Create and edit lists, assign tasks and make sure family members know when it needs to be done. Its gamified system allows parents to also assign values to tasks and create a reward system to help motivate kids to complete chores on time.

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The FamilyWall app combines everything in one place. Manage a shared calendar, create shopping and to-do lists, and message family members. The paid premium version also packs in a meal planner, recipe book, and location tracking with safe zone alerts so that you know when family members reach common destinations.

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Know Where Your Kids Are At

As kids get older they become more independent. They, and you, are constantly on the go, and keeping track of their location all the time can be exhausting. Make it easier to keep tabs on your kid's whereabouts with these tips.