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Streaming Optimizer

Reduce video buffering time and save data while streaming video with this free, on-device app.

What is it?

Streaming Optimizer is a free on-device app that significantly reduces video buffering time and saves you data while streaming video. It automatically reduces video streams to 480p across all on-device apps, which still looks great on the smaller screen of mobile devices and only uses a quarter to half the amount of data. Wi-Fi video quality is not affected since the service is only active while streaming over cellular data.

To get Streaming Optimizer, simply install the app and enable the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will see one of the icons below in the notification bar at the top of your device.


The app uses very little battery. However, the operating system (OS) incorrectly credits the app for the battery usage of other apps because the OS estimates battery usage based on how much data is sent/received by an app. When Streaming Optimizer is installed, it will appear to the OS that it is responsible for all data usage when the app is optimizing the actual data usage coming from other apps (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) you use. As a result, the OS is simply shifting the credit for data/battery usage from those apps to Streaming Optimizer.

Streaming Optimizer will automatically turn on when you connect to a cellular network and automatically turn off when you connect to a Wi-Fi network. When Streaming Optimizer is active and running you will see the [VPN] icon on iOS or the KEY icon on Android in the notification tray. You may occasionally notice a notification even when you are connected to Wi-Fi. This is simply Android letting you know that the app is installed and enabled. This allows Streaming Optimizer to automatically turn on/off and save battery life on your phone.