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HD Calling

HD Calling allows you to make clearer, more natural-sounding calls while also granting you access to data (email, internet, etc.) while on a call.

What is HD Calling?

HD Calling is enabled by Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology. VoLTE delivers voice calls and text messages over the 4G LTE network and provides faster connections with clearer, more natural-sounding audio as long as both the caller and the recipient have HD Calling enabled. HD Calling also lets you access data (your email, the internet, etc.) while on a call.

As VoLTE technology improves, the LTE network will eventually become the dominant platform for making calls and networks will move away from the traditional voice network.

To utilize HD Calling, you’ll need to have an HD Calling-capable phone. This list of phones includes:

  • iPhone 6 or later, iPhone SE
  • Samsung S8 or later, Samsung Note8 or later
  • LG G4 or later, LG V10 or later, LG K30, LG Stylo 4 or later
  • Motorola Z2, Motorola G6 or later
  • Sonim XP7
  • CAT S48c

Wi-Fi Calling

HD Calling is supplemented by Wi-Fi Calling, which uses Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) technology to deliver voice calls and text messages over Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi calling allows you to make regular calls via your smartphone in areas where cellular service is weak. No chat apps are required, which means you use the same mobile number, keypad and contact list to make calls – including calling 911 if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

HD Calling is available at no additional charge with all postpaid plans. It is not currently available on prepaid plans.

You should be able to continue using your current SIM card in a VoLTE-capable device.

You can make or receive HD calls as long as you’re connected to our nationwide 4G LTE network. In locations without 4G LTE signal, you can still make HD calls if you are on a Wi-Fi network. If neither are available, your call will fall back to the traditional voice network.

  1. Contact us so we can upgrade you to HD Calling.
  2. Update your phone to the latest OS.
  3. Enable HD calling settings on your phone.