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By The Gig Plan

You don’t use a lot of cellular data, so you don’t need an Unlimited Plan. Our By the Gig Plan means you only pay for the data you use, giving you more control over your monthly bill.

Here’s how it works

You share data across all your devices every month, and you only pay for the combined data usage. Your regular data will be capped based on the number of devices on your account to ensure you don’t pay too much. Don’t worry though. If you hit your cap you can still use data at slower speeds- just like our Unlimited Plans.

Pricing runs $20/month per phone plus $10/month per GB used*. The data cap starts at 6 GB for one device and then increases by 1 GB per device on the account.

See the chart below for reference.

Account Size

 Phone Access Fee

Price Per GB

Shared Data Cap

Maximum Monthly Payment*

1 lines





2 lines





3 lines





4 lines





*Advertised pricing includes autopay and paperless billing discounts

Plan Details

Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text

Plus access to unlimited data. Talk, text, post and share anywhere with our 4G LTE nationwide coverage.

Mobile Hotspot

Wi-Fi not working? Tether your device to your smartphone to connect anywhere, anytime. 

Unlimited Texting to International Numbers

Text with anyone overseas from the U.S. at no additional cost.

Regular Data

Get up to 3 Mbps download speeds pre-cap (up to 512 Kbps download speeds after you hit your cap).

Up to 10 Devices Per Account

Connect your whole family, and all their devices, on one account.

Plan Rates Vary By Usage

Only pay for what you use with a bill cap based on the number of lines on your account.


Autopay Discount

$2.50 per line

Paperless Billing Discount

$2.50 per line

Other Discounts

Special group discounts are not available for this plan (e.g., corporate, government, military, student).

Gifts on Us

Upgrade to an Unlimited or Unlimited Advantage Plan and select a gift on us.


Easily add a tablet to a By the Gig Plan for just $15/month per tablet.


Easily add a watch to a By the Gig Plan for just $10/month per watch.

Compare Plans

Still deciding? Circle back to our phone plans overview page to learn more about our other plan options or to get started building your plan.

1DATA: “Essential,” “Unlimited,” “Unlimited Advantage,” and “By the Gig” plans are subject to data speed reductions after monthly 4G data allotment. All data usage above the applicable “Essential,” “Unlimited,” or “By the Gig” 4G data allotment described herein shall be provided at speeds up to 512 Kbps. All data usage above the applicable “Unlimited Advantage” 4G data allotment described herein shall be provided at speeds up to 1Mbps. “Essential” monthly 4G data allotment: 10 GB per line. “Unlimited” monthly 4G data allotment: 20 GB per line. “Unlimited Advantage” monthly 4G data allotment: 25 GB per line. “By the Gig” monthly 4G data allotment: 6 GB + 1 GB per additional line. See Terms and Conditions and Bluegrass Cellular’s Internet Service Policies and Disclosures for details.

2PRICING: Pricing of service plans (excluding add-ons) reflects a single phone device access fee and a discount of $10 per line (for “Essential,” “Unlimited,” and “Unlimited Advantage” plans) and $5 per line (for “By the Gig” plans) available only to customers that agree to automatic payments and paperless billing. $35 activation/upgrade fee applies. Actual device access fees vary depending on type and number of device, up to $50/phone, $20/advanced connected device, and $15/basic connected device. Where customer’s smartphone is subject to a 24/36-Month Contract, plans may be subject to additional $25 per line monthly access fee. See Terms and Conditions for details.