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International Roaming 

Traveling overseas? We have you covered.

Plan Options

Day Pass- Trial Offer

Pay a flat rate of $15 per 24-hour period per phone for Unlimited Talk & Text and 100 MB of data.

Pay As You Go

Available for all zones, it’s exactly as it sounds. Pay only for what you use based on set rates.

What You Should Know

Device Compatibility

You must have a global and HD calling capable device with VoLTE turned on.

Cellular Watches

Are not supported. Cellular connectivity should be turned off while traveling abroad.

Roaming Usage

You will only be charged the plan rates if you incur international roaming usage.

Receiving Phone Calls

While most areas abroad have 4G coverage, in 3G-only areas you may not be able to receive phone calls.

Welcome Message

You will receive a welcome message upon arriving in a new country.

Finding Support

If you are having issues, call 1-270-276-6361 or fill out an International Trouble Ticket online.

Get Started

To get started with one of our International Roaming plan options you’ll need to get in touch.

Manage Your Data Consumption

The My Data Manager app allows you to easily monitor your data consumption and set alerts when thresholds are met. Use the buttons below to learn more about the app and what you can do with 100 MB of data.

International Roaming Plan Details

Day Pass - Trial Offer

With Day Pass – Trial Offer you’ll have access to unlimited talk and text with 100 MB of data for a flat $15 fee per 24-hour period. It starts only when you first incur usage (send a text, make/receive a phone call or start a data session) so make sure to turn off any background apps before your travel. Once you've reached 100 MB, there is a $0.50 per MB overage fee. The plan also includes five recording credits for our digital streaming service, PlayOn.

Once you’ve completed your trip, we'll send you a brief survey so we can get your feedback on how Day Pass – Trial Offer worked for you.

Voice (min)






Data (MB)


Data Overage

$0.50 per MB

Pay As You Go

Available for all zones. It’s exactly as it sounds. Pay only for what you use based on where you visit.

Zone 1

Voice (per min): $0.75
SMS/MMS (sent only): $0.50
Data per MB: $2.00

Zone 2

Voice (per min): $1.50
SMS/MMS (sent only): $0.50
Data per MB: $2.00

Zone 3

Voice (per min): $1.50
SMS/MMS (sent only): $0.50
Data per MB: $2.00

Zone 4

Voice (per min): $2.50
SMS/MMS (sent only): $0.50
Data per MB: $2.00

High Cost

Voice (per min): $8.25
SMS/MMS (sent only): $0.50
Data per MB: $21.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, only HD Calling (VOLTE) capable phones that are global capable can be used for international roaming. The cellular service for other devices like tablets and Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) will not work at this time. If you wish to use your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) while abroad, you will need to:

  • Prior to Roaming, turn off the Cellular radio on the watch.
  • While Roaming, connect the watch to the host device via Bluetooth; functionality would be no different than the same configuration in the USA. If the watch and host device move out of range for the Bluetooth, no services will work on the watch.
  • Prior to re-entering the USA, power the watch off and once back in the USA, turn the watch back on and re-enable Cellular on the device.

Please note: If the above steps for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) are not taken, you could have technical issues connecting to cellular service once you arrive back in the USA.

The following devices are global capable:
  • iPhone 6 and higher
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and higher
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and higher
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Google Pixel 2 and higher
  • LG G5 and higher
  • LG V10 and higher
  • LG K30
  • LG Stylo 4 and higher
  • Moto Z2 Force
  • Moto Z2 Play
  • Moto G6 Play and higher
  • Sonim XP5 and higher
  • CAT S48c

Please note: For the most accurate and up-to-date list of global capable devices, please visit your local store or contact customer service.

Don’t worry – we still have you covered. You’ll just need to choose from our roaming without HD Calling options.

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, we do recommend you utilize the My Data Manager App. This is a third party app that can be downloaded from the app store that allows you to monitor your usage and provide notifications when your data cap is hit.

It depends on your WiFi connection. In general, we highly encourage customers to connect to WiFi when using their device abroad. However, if your WiFi connection is poor, the cellular signal may override it and you’ll be charged for the data used. When connecting to WiFi, make sure you have a strong connection so your device doesn’t fall back to using cellular data.

The normal start codes such as *611 or *86 to call voicemail will not work while abroad.

We’ll send you an email with your credits and instructions with your first trip. However, you’ll need to contact us or go into a Bluegrass Cellular store to get credits for subsequent trips.**

**Maximum of 15 credits per line per billing cycle.