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High-Speed, Nationwide Coverage

Think our high-speed data network is only local? Think again. We provide fast coverage no matter where you are. 

High-speed data wherever you go

With faster data speeds and more complete 4G LTE nationwide coverage, Bluegrass Cellular allows you to talk, text, post and share here, there and everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Bluegrass Cellular provides continuous data service, local and nationwide, wherever you need it most.

Our nationwide 3G/4G high-speed data network makes sure you'll have fast access to everything, anytime.

No way! You can stream, play, email, and download as much as you want, wherever you are

Explore Our Nationwide Coverage


With us, you’ll always be taken care of by someone in your community.


We offer a variety of high-tech devices, each with endless possibilities.

Flexible Plans

Explore our plans and pick the one that works best with your lifestyle.