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Smartphones as low as $1/month.

Be a Homeroom Hero

There’s no question that teachers are superheroes – but even superheroes can use some help. Enter the Classroom, Expanded Giveaway to give your favorite teacher a chance to win $500 for whatever they need to strengthen the school year.

Your Family. Your Phones.

As a parent, navigating a constantly connect world with your kids can be hard - which is why we’re working to keep you informed so that you can make the best tech decisions for you and your family.

Keeping You Connected is Our Top priority

Learn more about how we're responding to COVID-19 and our efforts to keep our community, customers and employees safe.

Explore Our Community Coloring Pages

Add some color to your day (and maybe some peace and quiet) by downloading our community coloring pages.

Featured Devices

Plans Built With You in Mind

Choose the plan that fits your lifestyle.

High-Speed, Nationwide Coverage

Talk, text, post and share here, there and everywhere.

Explore the Bluegrass Difference

Put simply, Bluegrass Cellular lives where you live. We’re your neighbors, literally, and we couldn’t be prouder to call Central Kentucky our home.

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